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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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new evidence against the new sheriff. why the district attorney decided to file domestic charges -- domestic violence charges. >> and an anxious evening for citrus growers. abc news begins in 60
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crushing. >> san francisco sheriff commenting on the court order keeping him away from his family. >> meanwhile, new information about why he was charged with domestic violence in the first place. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. those court documents offer new details about what happened on new year's eve. >> our legal analyst says this new information makes the case against the sheriff even stronger. johnal -- john alston has the details. >> the allegations against his, quote, going ballistic,
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and pushing and pulling and grabbing his wife on new year's eve in front of their two-year-old son, and there are claims this was not the first incident. the new sheriff showed up at city hall with a growing cloud over his head. >> i look forward to reporting to work and doing what i have been elected to do, and i look forward to having my day in court. >> that was before his arrest warrant became public with more specific allegations of a confrontation with his wife on new year's eve. according to an of a gave vit, -- to an affidavit, they were on their way to a restaurant for lunch when low peases asked to -- when lopez asked to visit after the inauguration. he started to scream "f-you,"" f-you." she -- he stated something about the fact that she didn't deserve to eat. ivory madison recorded a tearful lopez showing off a
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bruise a her right by accept. police -- bicep. police canvased the neighborhood and found a person who reported hearing them fight on another occasion. they deny the abuse. >> this has been taken out of context. this is a personal matter. this is a private and family matter. >> one supporter has her doubts about the allegations. >> the key here is allege edzly. -- allegedly. that's the most important key here, allegedly. no one knows except the people involved. joy his wife -- >> his wife told her friend this is not the first incident. it happened yesterday, two times in 2011 and this is the second time this is happening. i told ross i want to work on the marriage. we need help, and i will use this in case he wants to take theo away from me because he says he is powerful and can do it. a legal analyst says the case appears stronger than originally thought. >> the prosecutors have a lot to work with here. they have two independent
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witnesses. they have some physical evidence that caw rob berates those witness -- corroborates the witnesses. and they have a lot of statements from the alleged victim. >> he will fight the misdemeanor charges and says he will not resign as sheriff. thursday will be another strange day. he will be in court for his arraignment. dan? >> thank you. johnal stone -- john alston president aring. >> there is an amber alert out for 16-year-old christina anderson. the man accused of kidnapping her is described as a 5 foot 10 inch tall 180-pound hispanic male. she driving a brown gmcyukon with the license plate 6-gg186. our other top story, the winter's first big chill is here. the temperatures dipped into the mid20s this morning, and it was even colder in the north bay. homeless shelters across the bay area are packed. and in the central valley,
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citrus farmers fired up the wind machines to help protect their half frozen crops from temperatures that are expected to dip into the high teens tonight. meteorologist sand yaw patel is here now with another freeze warning for us. sandhya? >> that's right, carolyn. the freeze warning is limited to a specific area, and i will talk about that in a moment. the current readings are higher than where they were last night at this time. it is above freezing. livermore is above freezing. the clouds are moving in, and they are holding the temperatures up and providing a blanket affect. the freeze warning is going until 9:00 a.m. on wednesday. it cuferz the salina -- it covers the salinas valley. you could see some freeze damage to sensitive plants. watch out for patches of ice especially on the bridges and overpasses. as you look at the overnight readings they are coming into the upper 20s for fairfield and livermore and down below freezing in napa. right down to freezing and 32 in santa rosa, san jose and santa cruz. but here is what is coming.
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it is a major change of the rain is already moving into crescent city. the dry spell that has been going on for a long period of time here in the bay area is about to transition to a stretch of rainy days. more on that in a minute, dan? >> it has been a longtime coming. the 49ersand their fans are focused on getting into the super bowl, there is news on the team. opponents of building a new team say they have the signatures needed to keep the project from going forward. lisa amin gulezian is live with the story. >> the santa clara place says they have enough signatures right now for a referendum to stop the stadium deal. but the stadium is just what the community needs. at a last-minute late-night push they dropped off signatures at agnew park. >> we need 4500 valid signatures, and our goal was
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to get a percentage over that. i believe we have exceeded that today. >> santa clara fair will hand the signatures over to the city clerk tomorrow. the group wants to repeal the funding deal approved by the city's stadium authority last month. instead it wants to decide in a special ballot measure whether the plan is a good one. >> i love the professional sports. i love the niners. i don't want to pay for it. >> the majority of the $1 billion stadium will be paid for by an $850 million loan to the stadium authority. the 49ers agreed to back the loan. opponents gathered signatures, stadium supporters passed out these fliers to stop people from signing the petition. >> i don't feel there is any reason for them to come out here. they are saying we want a new ballot and everything else. >> now they say it can't happen for legal reasons. in this letter september to a california fair spokesperson he says, quote, the city
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intends to assert that the refer wren daw -- refer wren daw being circulated is not in compliance with california law. >> what they are trying to do is not refer wrenable. -- refer rendable. they approved the stadium when they passed major j in 2010 and the signatures can't overturn that. >> i am not worried at all. i think we are moving forward and we are on the right track. we feel firm with our city attorney. >> what we do is legal. we have a right to do it. >> the stadium supporters meantime vow to fight this. they will challenge the referendum and block the validity in superior court. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you, lisa. well, us marshals arrested a fugitive today on the deck of the uss hornet in alameda. he is wanted for attempted murder. the us marshal service provided this image of agents taking todd stewart into custody. police in pasco, washington say he was on the run after trying to kill his
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mother-in-law. they say he was working and living aboard the de commissioned aircraft carrier which is now a public museum. the yahoo! co-founder resigned from the internet giant and his departure is fueling thought that the company might be for sale. yang launched yahoo! in 19905. this comes two weeks after yahoo! hired former paypal executive scott thompson as the ceo. yang took heat from many investors after he reect jed a $47 billion takeover attempt from microsoft in 2008. and one analyst believes other buyers might be interested. >> that's a tough nut to crack. so far the name that comes up most often is alibaba. they say they are not interested in yahoo! now. but that may be different with yang gone and yaw huh in play. he said, quote, my time at yahoo! from the founding to the present has encompassed some of the most commiting and rewarding experiences -- most
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exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. now it is time for other experiences outside of yahoo!. >> mitt romney admits he pays only about 15% of taxes less then had middle class. most pay about 29% in income tax. romney is worth about $250 million, but he says most of his income comes from investments made in the past which get taxed at the lower capital gains rate of 15%. former alaska governor sarah palin told fox news she would vote for gingrich in the south carolina primary she could to extend the gop primary race. she says, quote, iron sharp of -- sharnens iron. the white house had to be evacuated after what appeared to be a smoke bomb was tossed over a fence. it happened after occupy protesters were marching outside the white house. but so far there is no link to the demonstrators, and no arrests have been made. president obama and the first lady had gone out to dinner and were not at the white house when the device went off.
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but they did return soon after. an east bay city takes the anti-smoking crusade to the next level. we will tell you the city of dublin's plan to make tobacco more difficult to buy. >> and the frantic moments after a cruiseship started going down. the company 10's angry call to the coast guard. >> and the bay bridge shut down, but it should allow cal trans to open the new stan six months early. and then late other "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next on "nightline," shocking tapes reveal a captain of a sinking cruise may have jumped ship while passengers were scrambling to safety. and why one doctor saved my life and thinks he can save
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area city to declare secondhand smoke a public nuisance. it paved the way to pass stricter smoking laws and now as alan wang reports they are poised to rejoin them with tough new laws about the tobacco retailers. >> there are 24 retail stores in dublin that sell tobacco and most #r* convenience stores and gas stations. >> even a slurpee machine has
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a license even. >> in the discussions to tighten laws on the tobacco sales, the city council agreed they should craft a law forcing retailers to pay a licensing fee. they president what the store to be a thousand feet away from schools, churches, parks and residential areas. but some stores are already within the restricted zone. >> i am not going to punish those that were already here. i think that they should be grandfathered in. >> you say well, have you been doing it so we will let you keep doing it. it doesn't make sense. >> and they want to limit the number of retailers in one given area with a 1,000-foot buffer zone between them. one problem that arises with the density guideline is that here in the shopping center alone there are four stores that sell tobacco products, and they are within a thousand feet of each other. dublin city attorney said they could get sued. >> if they choose not to
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grandfather we will have to take a careful look at how it applies to different businesses and make sure we have enough escape valves and make sure we have to compensate somebody for it. >> it is still a few months away from voting on an ordinance, but if dublin passes the licensing requirement and the distance restrictions, it will join oak bed la, berkeley,al -- oakland, berkeley, albany in the east bay. abc7 news. overseas, the divers found five more bodies in the wreckage of the cruiseship that ran a ground off the coast of italy. that brings the death toll to 11 with 28 people still listed as missing including two americans. the italian coast guard released transcripts of an angry and frantic call between a coast guard officer and the ship's captain who was already in a life boat. >> you go on board and tell me if there are women which children. >> you may have saved yourself, but you put yourself in trouble. it will be very bad are to you. get back on board.
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>> do you realize it is dark out here and we can't see anything. >> what do you want to do? go home? it is dark so you want to go home? >> the captain has been allowed to leave jail, but he remains under house arrest facing charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship. the westbound lanes of the bay bridge will be closed for at least three days next month on president's day weekends. that's from 8:00 p.m. on friday through tuesday morning the 21st. crews will work around the clock to complete the new lanes. work has started on a detour near the toll plaza, as you can see in this animation from cal trans. cal trans says the project should allow it to finish the $6 billion project. that's the most expensive in state history by the way. by the end of 2013, six months ahead of schedule. but again, friday the 17th of february for three days the bridge will be closed. >> keep that in mind as you make your plans. other things to keep in mind as you make plans, rain is on the way. >> finally. we have been waiting and
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waiting. our meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the much needed forecast. >> the much-needed rain will arrive as early as tomorrow. i will show you where in a moment. this morning, did you feel the chill? we have numerous records. 23 in napa and 29 in san jose. these were all new records. records tied for this day, santa cruz 26, moffett field 2 night and richmond 33 degrees. but it was plenty cold in other areas. you can see there fairfield is down to 18°. i want to show you some you report photos. this is the morning chill in antioch. it is submitted by chris. as you can see there it is 29° in antioch. that's what this read here. it was chilly no doubt about it. and this was submitted by russell m to you report. it was so cold in the potter valley area, 18° and the second day in a row, and that part of the river froze over. i can see cold. >> it is not going to be that cold tomorrow morning, and as you look here, the temperatures are already running higher than yesterday at this time as we had some
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clouds moving in. that will keep us insulated. 33 in napa and 35 in mountain view. here are the highlights. the freeze warning again tonight. the rainy pattern begins on thursday and snow finally arrives in the sierra nevada. initially mixed in with rain, but it is coming. cold tonight, but not as cold as this morning. 33 in napa and down to freezing in san jose. santa cruz, antioch, 29 degrees for you in fairfield and also livermore. shear what is coming. -- here is what is coming. this ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken. it has been sitting here. the last time we had rain here was december 30th. it has been a longtime coming, and we are finally seeing the pattern changing. as you look out over the pacific here, it is a series of storms headed our way. and we are in for a stretch of some wet weather. we are in for that, so be prepared. tomorrow morning though, just some clouds. doesn't look like any rain will begin just yet.
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as we head toward the evening hours, watch this area here in the north bay. it will start to see at least a chance of some rain in the north bay on wednesday night. and then on thursday morning still the rain line is up to the north in ukiah and santa rosa for the thursday morning commute. as the commute goes on and as the morning goes on, the rainfall begins to move in. the evening commute on thursday, not looking good. periods of heavy rain here. we will see gusty, southly winds. the rainfall estimates for the next seven days, really taking us into early next week, this is impressive. it is four to six inches in the north bay mountains. the north bay three to four inches. the rainfall totals drop off for the peninsula and the east bay two to three inches. up to two inches in the south bay. the santa cruz mountains as well. th will certainly help our deficit in terms of our season to date. we will get much-needed moisture here. in the sierra nevada, winter weather advisory for thursday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. four to eight inches and gusts to 75 miles an hour. driving will be tough, so you might want to go tomorrow.
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tomorrow afternoon the temperatures in the low to mid50s under mostly cloudy skies. around the monterey bay, numbers in the mid to upper 50s. if your travel takes you to the north bay tomorrow, if you live there, a chance of rain in the north bay tomorrow. rain for thursday, friday. periods of wet weather for your saturday and sunday. it is really continuing into early next week. the 49ers play sunday afternoon. we know they are going to win -- well, play. all i can say right now is there may be a small window during the game where we may have some period of dry weather, but take the rain gear if you are heading there just to be on the safe side. >> thanks, sandhya. on the subject, coit tower is bathed in red. >> this is a live picture as the city celebrates 49er
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the rooftops of all four embarcadero buildings are lit up in red tonight, and they will stay that way every day from 4:00 p.m. until midnight through the winning playoff game this sunday. yellow lights are set to go up in the corners sometime tomorrow. you might have noticed coit
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tower is a glow in red. it should be quite a sight when the new york giants arrive in san francisco. and this is a great story. the 49er president revealed a pair of new parents submitted the winning entry to grab four tickets to sunday's nfc championship game. >> it says, my first child was born during saturday's game. the doctor let us watch the game during labor, so it would be awesome to go and see the nfc champs. >> and they are going to. fans share their 9er thoughts. this young lady appears ready to lead the cheers for the 9er when's they host the giants on sunday. >> and this patrick willis fan says i was president even born the last time the niners made the playoffs. >> he was hardly born the last time they played a game. >> cute photo. davis said the 49er s who face the giants in the championship. the giants have a message
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it is only tuesday and the
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chirping have just begun. a little smack talk earlier in the week. after turning in the game of his life, vernon davis says he was praying the giants would beat the packers. the assumption was that vernon wanted new york to win because it would mean the niners would be home this sunday. but he responded "they better be careful what they ask for because their wish has been granted. and we will see those boys come sunday. the inintoers beat the -- the niners beat the giants in october 27-20, but those teams are a lot better now. >> we have seen them earlier in the season and we were playing on a much higher level. i think we are a different team. we are playing with a lot more confidence. >> eli manning started the season by telling people he deserves to be an elite
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quarterback. he is talking company. we know we can play. that's the same way. >> money, money, money. there was 21.5 million in arbitration and they countered for 17 million. most likely they will work out a deal while sitting down for the hearing. the cy young winner made $13 million. the giants signed third base man pablo san dough sandoval and the giants banking on the panda with his commitment to stay some shape. if i told you monta ellis was held to 10 points in cleavland you would figure the warriors lost. not so fast. the cavs rebuilding out out of irving. he does not look i can -- does not look like a rookie.
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the warriors at their best running. as we tryout new catch phrases. they turned it over 23 touchdowns. thumbs down instead of thumbs up. you like the jack in the box campaign. he was tied at 74 and the mighty mites and with authority. still it is the classical traditional lines. he is abusing anderson. lee29 as the warriors win it. to the ice and the sharks hosting the flames. the third period and the sharks were rebuilding the fifth of the year. we go to the shootout and nicely done. the great backhander to beat the exshark. the sharks win it 2-1 and that is your toyota sports report. >> a use of the old and the new. mix it together, dan.
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>>" nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joini
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